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My Encounter of WebGL

I had been tinkering around WebGL for almost a month and a half in first half of 2016. I had not done anything significant. I found it was really hard to understand. The fact that I am not really familiar with Javascript worsen this thing.

I keep procrastinating. Oh, well, it was really hard to begin. Every time I would like to start it was also kinda hard.

That day, I would spend to read through the tutorials. I had enough, I would update soon what I found was important. I had to work through it.

So then there was this HTML canvas and I thogt I started to understand how it works. Second thing to tinker around was the HTML context. I was going to see what it was going to do. The next thing to see was what it has to do with the JavaScript. How it was correlated. I would not regret what already happened in the past. I would learn through it. I had to face it. Okay I was gonna give my heart to this thing then. Trid to understand how it worked.

Six days later, I had not completely familiar with the syntax yet. However, I already got the feeling of the pattern of the code work. I delved into the syntax and the mechanics! It was probably still some days before I could make a working simulation but I had a good feeling about it.

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